The Community Health Centre Ljubljana (CHC Ljubljana)

    CHC Ljubljana is the largest primary healthcare institution in Slovenia, with more than 1.600 employees, capitation of almost 0,5 million patients and over 2,8 million patient visits annually. 

    CHC Ljubljana was founded by the city Ljubljana in 1967, and is an institution with a tradition of 50 years. Today, it consists of 8 organizational units at 16 locations: Bežigrad, Center, Moste-Polje, Šiška, Vič-Rudnik and Šentvid, as well as the Emergency Unit and the Primary Healthcare Research and Development Institute (IRROZ). 

    CHC Ljubljana is represented by its Director Rudi Dolšak, M.Sc., MBA. Associate Professor Antonija Poplas Susič, M.D., Ph.D. is the Deputy Director for the Development of Health Services. The institution is successfully managed thanks to the contribution of the Medical Director, Tea Stegne Ignjatovič, M.D., the Head of General and Human Resources, Vesna Podržaj, L.L.B., the Head of Economics, Polona Szilvassy, M.Sc., Head of IT, Maintenance, Promotion and Public relations, Jernej Pečnik, M.Sc., and the Consultant in Health care, Robertina Benkovič, B.N., B.Sc., as well as all of the organizational unit heads and head nurses. 

    CHC Ljubljana promotes and enhances the health of the population in the Municipality of Ljubljana and the wider area. Its users are provided with high quality and time-optimal access to healthcare services according to professional guidelines. CHC Ljubljana adapts to new healthcare demands and introduces innovations in the healthcare content or organization. 

    In the field of Slovenian healthcare, CHC Ljubljana strives to strengthen its role as the leading primary health and internationally recognised facility. 

    The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana (UL MF)

    The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana (UL MF) is the oldest higher education teaching and scientific research institution in the fields of medicine, dental medicine and the biomedical sciences in Slovenia. In accordance with regulations, the Ordinance on the Restructuring of the University of Ljubljana, the University of Ljubljana Statutes and the Rules on the Organisation and Functioning of the UL MF, it provides national higher education and research programmes in the field of biomedicine. The Faculty of Medicine was founded by the state. Today, it is an internationally recognised and established institution that offers its expertise in academic and scientific collaboration with some of the best medical faculties in the world. 

    The faculty is represented by its Dean, Professor Igor Švab and comprises the following units:
    • the Department for the Integrated Master’s Course in Medicine, which is headed by the Vice-Dean for Medicine Professor Tomaž Marš, 
    • the Department for the Integrated Master’s Course in Dental Medicine, which is headed by the Vice-Dean for Dental Medicine Professor Janja Jan, 
    • the Department for Doctoral Studies and Scientific Research and Development, which is headed by Vice-Dean Professor Ksenija Geršak, 
    • the Department for Specialist Medical Activities, which is headed by the Vice-Dean for Specialist Medical Activities Professor Miroslav Petrovec. 

    Teaching and scientific research work at the Faculty of Medicine takes place within departments and institutes. Departments are the basic organisational units for clinical teaching and scientific research work, and are also responsible for developing clinical professions and fields. Institutes are the basic organisational units for pre-clinical teaching and scientific research work. Scientific research centres carry out activities in certain methodological or scientific fields.

    Scientific research activities are performed by the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, the Institute of Pathology, the Institute of Forensic Medicine, the Institute of Anatomy, the Centre for Baromedicine and the Centre for Clinical Physiology.

    The faculty also operates the Central Medical Library.

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